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About botanicum

The Botanicum brand was created based on the experience and long-standing practice of cosmetologists and beauticians from Poland and Great Britain. For sure, every professional salon would like to meet the expectations of its customers and choose the right skin care at home, which is the most important thing. That is why we are here to "face" all skin problems and choose an individual recipe for our clients. The composition of Botanicum products has been developed in 100% from natural and active plant ingredients (no artificial additives, no silicones, no harmful enhancers, no tricks, 100% nature).

Oils, cold pressed each day, herbs collected in accordance with the moon phases provide the largest dose of active substances. We took into account the appropriate packaging in glass dark bottles and a short expiration date to achieve the greatest effectiveness. We give our benefits to conscious beauticians and cosmetologists. We invite you to the orders and remember, nobody invented anything better than nature.