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BODY BUTTER Carrot and Gold

100% of natural ingredients from Podlachia’s meadows and fields.
Net weight: 60g


• aids tanning while protecting from UV radiation. Helps to achieve healthy, glowing tan while supporting and speeding the tanning process.
• regenerates the skin, reduces scars and stretch marks
• conditions the delicate parts of the decollete and neck skin
• enriched in Vitamin E, D, K and C, B Vitamins and minerals
• possess antioxidant properties, protects the skin from free radicals
• inhibits ageing process, reduces wrinkles. Possess anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates new cells growth. Supports skins immune system.
• normalises sebum secretion
• restores skins elasticity and smoothness

Gold Pigment
Wonderfully illuminates the skin. Ideal for use we want to look dazzling. Skin shimmers with gold under light. It will make you look gorgeous in a dress or in a biking on the beach. Particularly well presented on the skin in the evening. It adds charm to your look for an evening out with your loved one.

Product code: K045

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