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BODY BUTTER Helichrysum

100% of natural ingredients from Podlachia’s meadows and fields.
Net weight: 120g


• possess a beneficial effect on blood vessels
• possess relaxant properties, reduces swelling, favours rapid bruises and redness disappearance
• accelerates the absorption and levelling or hematomas resulting from injuries, medical and cosmetic procedures
• relieves pain in case of minor injuries, stops bleeding and eases the pain. Possess an intensive anti-inflammatory and soothing properties
• Resembles Vitamin K properties but is more effective in action and free from side effects that are associated with the use of Vitamin K.
• Recommended for dilated capillaries, rosacea, irritated skin, eye area in case of dark circles, puffiness and dark rims.
• Intensively regenerates, promotes healing and scaring of injured skin, minimalizes formation of scars, aids reduction of pre-existing scars, stretch marks and acne traces.
• used externally stimulates an epidermis restoration as well as growth of new and healthy skin cells. Recommended in situations requiring skin regeneration, e.g. exfoliating procedures.

Product code: K041

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