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BODY BUTTER Barley Grass

100% of natural ingredients from Podlachia’s meadows and fields.
Net weight: 120g


Chlorophyll rich. Chlorophyll activates cell rejuvenating processes. It is an absolute youth and beautiful skin elixir.
Cleanses the skin of toxins, is a very strong antioxidant, cures skin diseases, helps fight inflammation. Intensively moisturises, speeds up regeneration and healing, soothes irritation. Chlorophyll will also be a valuable ingredient that improves the condition of tired and sallow complexion by nourishing, oxygenating and improving blood circulation.
Chlorophyll stores solar energy and is the only substance that can deliver it to human body cells. Due to its functionality, a lot of oxygen is being delivered to body cells. It helps the entire body in repair processes such as scar reduction, cuts regeneration.

Product code: K043

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